Feb 122013

In the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, many bloggers have been writing stories of their own romantic travels. We wanted to share a few of our favorites with you.

What place says “romance” to you?

  4 Responses to “Boomer Women Talk Romantic Travel”

  1. Thanks for including Boomeresque! I’m trying to keep it romantic. We leave for Hawaii on Valentine’s Day — although I’m not sure how exactly romantic 16 hours of airplanes and airports are. We’ll have to make up for it the next day 😉

  2. Thanks for including my article about Cupids, Newfoundland, Catherine. I am really happy you like it. It was such a nice place.

  3. Thanks for letting me share your stories here. Suzanne – Hawaii is definitely a place for romance. Who knows,,, maybe a little snuggling on the plane on the way there, too. Enjoy! Monika – I just loved finding out that there’s a place called Cupids in Newfoundland. Such a nice romantic dinner you had!

  4. Romance is definitely in the air today! This is quite a round up and I very honored to be part of it.

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