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Featured Photos: Island Life

What is “island life”? We asked three boomer women who call islands “home” to share their perspectives in our latest featured photos post.

Perspectives of Island Life

Linda Wainwright – Tenerife, Canary Islands
Island Momma

"Island life in Tenerife: burro in a truck, old and new forms of island transportation"
Burro in a truck, Tenerife

The Old and the New Modes of Island Transport

The island on which I’ve been living for a good few years now, Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, is famous for its resorts, and is gaining a reputation, at last as great place to walk, dive, trail run, cycle and enjoy a myriad of other sports. There is another side to the island, and that is the agricultural community, often overlooked by tourists. The terraces of hundreds of small farms cover the hillsides, mainly in the north, they sell in farmer’s markets and to co-operatives. For some of them life hasn’t changed an awful lot in the last 50 years or so. I thought this photo, a chance encounter, and shot from my car, represented the old and the new modes of island transport!

Marcia Mayne – Jamaica
Inside Journeys

"Cliffs along the coastline in Portland, Jamaica"
Portland, Jamaica

Island life / iLan lif / noun.

• It’s food, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.
• It’s the sun on your face, sand between your toes, it’s a dream of unhurried days lazing by a pool, your fingers wrapped around a tall, cold drink.
• It’s eating fruits in season, just picked from the backyard.
• It’s getting freshly caught fish and seafood, bringing it home and enjoying it with friends.
• It’s catching a vibe, a wave, a smile.
• It’s living, really living and enjoying the moment.

Linda Fairbairn – an island off the coast of Australia
Journey Jottings

"Life on an island in the bay off Brisbane: pusing the tinny off the beach"
Pushing the tinny off the beach

There’s ‘something’ about living on an island – A romantic notion of getting away from it all – Escaping the rat race – A bit like living in a castle surrounded by a moat where you can haul up the drawbridge and shut out the world safe, from fire-breathing dragons.

Island-dwellers enjoy the geographical isolation from the mainland, with that precious band of water, happily keeping the hustle and bustle of the ‘real’ world at bay “over there”.

I love this separation; being out of the main stream. But it’s not for everyone. Some mainlanders have told me they feel as though they’re on Alcatraz – Trapped, by not having all the trappings of a modern world, with no access to the café scene, the shopping plazas and the buzz of humanity – they suffer cabin-fever!

On our island, I live close to nature – Beautiful bird life, stunning sea creatures and a boat for buzzing about the Bay.

Yet, with today’s technology no one lives a truly island existence. We have the privilege of enjoying the physicality of solitude, whilst remaining connected via this world wide web of words.

Have you ever thought about having an island life? Have you ever lived an island life?