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Featured Photos: Sites from Above

Two boomer women travelers offer travel inspiration through lovely photos and thoughts in their selections for our new “Featured Photos” series. In our first feature, our bloggers took us along the shore in Newfoundland and Australia.

Today we take a look at the sites from above.

Nancie McKinnon
Budget Travelers Sandbox

"In Myanmar, the Shwezigon Zedi with Irrawaddy River  in the backgroun"
Shwezigon Zedi

Wherever you go in Asia there are temples. Some are big, some are small, and they are all beautiful. No place has a many jaw dropping temples as Myanmar (the former Burma). Bagan is home to many of the most impressive. Awe inspiring from the ground, they are drop dead gorgeous from above. When traveling we don’t often have the opportunity to float above ancient ruins and temples. I was lucky enough in Bagan to experience the thrill of a lifetime when I took a sunrise balloon ride over this ancient wonder. With the Irrawaddy River as the back drop the Shwezigon Zedi stole the moment in all its golden splendor.

Renee King
A View To A Thrill


I stood below, having been drawn to it by a stream of sunlight that danced in the center of the hall. The space was crowded and full of inevitable memories being made by travelers who came to witness the same as I.

All around were muted discussions about the history that lie between these marble covered walls and the people who’d entered it, centuries ago. Having survived destruction thrice over, there stood the formidable greco-roman architectural wonder that is called Pantheon.

It is only made more magnificent by the fact that the light bearer that hovered above me is the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. It is truly one of the greatest marvels of ancient Rome. This temple, consecrated to honor all gods, surpassed even its greatest expectation and honors us all.

What sites from above have inspired you in your travels?